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Shawn Harman is currently a City of Caldwell Planning and Zoning Commissioner and business owner of Shawn Harman Construction and Harman Home Inspections. Shawn is a concerned citizen who wants to make sure the citizens voices are heard. He is a husband, father and just became a grandfather.

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4 Caldwell City Council member to help keep an “OPEN” sign on Caldwell’s doors for businesses and help the growth be welcoming and conservative at the same time. Shawn loves the downtown area of Caldwell and how it has been revitalized and looks forward to helping it be the best it can be for our future generations.

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Shawn has always had the ability to help people. He loves to be able to make a difference in peopleslives. Growing up in rural Northern California, Shawn’s parents and grandparents taught him the value of hard work, dedication, faith and doing the right thing. One grandfather worked...

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